Vision, Mission & Philosophy

Our vision for PTC is to be the global benchmark for creation of value and deliverance of quality.

We will achieve our vision by:

Being a Full-Service Supplier entrenched in our customers’ production process, thereby becoming an integral part of their value chain.

Being Innovators not just for keeping pace with the present but also becoming forerunners in pioneering new technologies to meet all the future and latent requirements of our customers.

Being able to imbibe the concept of quality in our work culture, so that quality becomes a part of the consciousness of each and every worker.

Being a company that provides a safe and healthy working environment and becoming an organization that fosters teamwork, nurtures talent, enhances leadership and brings pride and passion to our people.

"We, at PTC, are driven by a solitary mission - to be a part of our customers' competitive edge. Because only in their triumph lies our success."

Mr. Sachin Agarwal, Chairman & Managing Director