Software Incorporated

PTC has always harnessed the power of latest technologies to offer better value to its customers. It has invested in setting up a well-equipped Design Unit, complete with high end software & design engineers.

Ensuring Quality Through Technology

The use of sophisticated Casting Simulation Software make it possible to produce perfect castings in the first time. The computerized casting design software enable quality castings while reducing the development time substantially.

Some of the major software in use:

Casting Design & Modeling

  • SolidWorks
  • AutoCAD

Casting Methoding & Engineering

  • SolidCAST (Casting Simulation Software)
  • AFS Gating System
  • AFS Risering System
  • MagmaSoft

Casting Methoding & Engineering

  • CAM Software
  • CAPSturn
  • CAPSmill

Management & Finance

  • ERP Software
  • Synchro ERP