Robotics and Automation

PTC Industries Limited is constantly making investments for the future, and believes in maintaining the exceptional quality of its products through innovation and constant upgradation of its facilities.

PTC has commissioned a fully automated Robot assisted Shell Coating system for Replicast, RapidCast and Investment Castings. This has led to a remarkable consistency in quality, increase in efficiency, shorter lead times and less wastage.

RapidCast, the latest technology being employed by PTC, uses the concept of Virtual Tooling with the help of a large 7-Axis Machining Centre which machines the pattern from a solid block of polystyrene. This has resulted in elimination of the initial cost and lead time related to the Die or Tooling. Additionally, development cycles are shortened and production lead times are also reduced.

Automation for Optimizing Resources Maximizing Performance

Over the years, PTC has built an infrastructure which includes state of the art Turning Centres, Vertical Machining Centres and Horizontal Machining Centres from Japan and Germany.