Replicast ®

We are the first company in Asia to offer this advanced technology.

PTC offers its customers still more value for money, by offering castings produced by the Replicast process, that will give them a distinct edge in the highly competitive market.

PTC is the first company in Asia to offer this advanced technology.

Near Net Shape Casting:

Replicast extends the weight range of the Investment (Lost Wax) process to heavier castings up to 1,000 kgs. Instead of a wax pattern, a high density polystyrene or styrofoam pattern is used. This enables near net shape castings which can be made more cost-effectively than by the sand moulding process.

High Integrity Castings with, Exceptional Surface Finish:

Replicast being a ceramic molding process, inclusions, gas, hot tears and other casting defects associated with sand molding are avoided.

It also gives the products exceptional surface finish that is at par with that of products made by the investment process.

Low Total Cost

Replicast parts are 15-40% lighter than a sand-cast equivalent, leading to lower manufacturing cost, and also a saving of 25% or more in machining cost.

Near net shape products made by the Replicast process have a high dimensional accuracy requiring lesser machining time and hence, significant saving.

Replicast the Low Cost, High-end Casting Technology