One of the inherent strengths of PTC is its ability to adapt to new technologies quickly. This is derived from its work culture and the emphasis that the management has continuously placed in this area. Bringing new technology is easy, but the process of absorption is long drawn and difficult. The challenge and the fine line lies in the fact that in the long run, the technology is absorbed in a manner that makes it commercially viable. This is where PTC has excelled each time.

Our major technological achievements include:

  • PTC was one of the first companies to introduce the Investment Casting (Lost Wax) process in India in the mid-sixties. Its move into the manufacture of specialized castings by Sand Molding, and then Shell Molding and Centrifugal Casting came naturally in order to cater to the international companies with a high quality consciousness.
  • PTC entered into a technical collaboration with M/s AFE, France in 1986. This was a major turning point, as with established credentials in the domestic market and ready access to latest technology, the doors for the export market opened for us.
  • PTC entered into a technical agreement with 'Casting Technology International', UK for transfer of its patented Replicast technology. This is the most advanced molding process which produces 'near & net shape' castings up to any size and weight with excellent surface finish and close dimensional tolerances. PTC was the first company in Asia to offer this technology.
  • For low and medium volume requirements, PTC (in association with CTI, UK) has pioneered a unique new technology named RapidCast. This technology promises to revolutionize the industry by breaking all weight barriers and offering exceptional surface finish to large size castings.
Technology for PTC has never been just about keeping pace with the present market requirements, but a means to cater to the future needs of a rapidly evolving global industry.

- Research and Development Cell