Message From CMD

PTC Industries Limited was founded with a vision to create the possibility of a better future for its people and the global society.

We, at PTC, have always been committed to the pursuit of challenging targets, achieved with the highest standards of quality, and the development of leading edge solutions in technology, products and processes. Our company has been run with an aim to provide increasing value to our customers and for the improvement in the quality of life of the people that we serve.

With the rapidly changing global scenario, and the frequent evolutions in technology, we have managed to keep pace with the changing needs of the market. Our company has excelled at absorbing and developing new technologies, and even proceeded to indigenize it to deliver maximum value to the customer. PTC was amongst the first company to introduce the Investment Casting (Lost Wax) process in India in the mid-sixties. Since then, we have begun to manufacture specialized castings produced by the Replicast process. In November 2006, we were awarded the prestigious National Award in the Industry presented by the Department of Science and Industrial Research. This award was received in recognition of successful absorption and commercialization of the Replicast Technology which was a first for any Indian Foundry.

PTC CMD Mr.Satish Agarwal
But not one to rest on our laurels, we continue to constantly reinvent ourselves and challenge the existing standards. PTC has already begun path breaking work in the RapidCast process and has broken the weight barrier in Ceramic Shell castings. Through this technology, we shall be able to produce parts weighing up to 2,500 kgs with all the benefits of Investment Casting and Vacuum Pouring, moreover reducing the total cost of ownership by up to 50%.

PTC has always taken its responsibility towards its environment and society very seriously and has made persistent efforts in this area. Our next stage of growth envisions the set up of a Green Foundry with a view for protecting and restoring the environment. We believe that the wealth that we create must be returned many times over to the society. Our firm partners in this mission are our people, and their health and prosperity are sure foundations for our success.

With best regards,

Mr. Sachin Agarwal
Charman & Managing Director